WAGNER Form's business concept is to make libraries and hospitals more accessible.
We want to contribute to more independent and satisfied visitors — who can intuitively find the information they need.

Wagner InfoBORD in a public setting.

Digital guides are one tool for making visitors more independent and mobile. We have been developing a new web application: WagnerGUIDE - for several years. It is easy to use and to edit. The guide is also simple to implement ...

WagnerGUIDE 2.0 Standard.

  • user friendly
  • editable
  • accessible

Johannes Wagner

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P.S. WagnerGUIDE will give your staff more time to devote to things other than the "easy" questions.
P.S. WagnerGUIDE is also a marketing tool for your institution ...
P.S. WagnerGUIDE will make your institution more accessible for people with disabilities.